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​VTG CARES - You Eat Out, We Pay​ Out!


Why Do It?

This program was developed to help raise funds for non-profit groups/organizations. Most people go out to eat on occasion and why not support local organizations while your dining out?
*Diners bring in a flyer from the local participating non-profit and Village Tavern & Grill of Carol Stream.

Who Does It?

The program is organized and promoted by YOU!​

This is a great way to raise money for your church, baseball team, school or any other organization or fundraising campaign.​ Currently we support 2-5 Eat-Out 2 Help-Out events every week. Let Us Help You!

How Does It Work?

The simple concept is to gather and many people as possible to dine-out at The Village Tavern & Grill on your specified day. We take care of everything else.  We will payback 20% of all revenue collected to your cause!

How Do I Get Sponsors?

It's Easy to Find Sponsors.

Invite everyone you know to your " Eat-Out 2 Help-Out" all day fundraising event. Invite your friends, family, business associates, church members, social contacts and any​one else you know. Provide your sponsors with a simple form to bring along with them, they can come anytime during your schedule Eat-Out 2 Help-Out Day. 


How Do I Get Started?

Raising money has never been so easy, fast, and fun!

You request a date and time to sponsor a "Eat-Out 2 Help-Out" event by completing and submitting the form below. We will contact you to schedule your event date. ​Remember to allow enough time for you to promote your event and provide your sponsors with the form.​ 


See Our Resource Center below for more information and forms.

Resource Center

Download & Printable Documents

Have questions about our Eat-Out 2 Help-Out Program?


For questions and available dates please contact us directly by phone or use the form below.

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